Printing process. What happens after your order is received

   Waiting is painful. When you have ordered something you love you want it NOW. 

  I myself have to confess to obsessively checking my  tracking number progress and jumping at the sound of a delivery van outside on many occasions. 

  Especially if your order is a significant money investment,  a subtle prick of  anxiety may add to your impatience. 

  While standard print ordered on a high street is swift and may be compared to fast food, the fine art print is a leisurely luxurious slow food experience.

   It takes time. But how delicious it is in the end. 

  So I would greatly appreciate your kind patience and familiarising yourself with the timescales below: 

1. If this is a first copy from the edition (I will notify you if this is the case) 

(e.g 1 from the edition of 20 (1/20) ) : 

 I want your to be delighted with your artwork that is why, I always order a sample before ordering the print you will receive.

  This is to check if it matches closely the digital image with all its colour nuances and tonal gradation. It is called artist's proof (AP) 

After I have received the sample, my printer prints your copy and fulfils the order sending it to you. 

The whole process may take around 2-3 weeks but usually is shorter then that.


2. If this is a subsequent copy from the edition (again, I will notify you if this is the case) 

e.g 2 /20, 6/20 etc:

  There is no need to sample again as I always use the same trusted printer.

  My printer prints your copy and fulfils the order sending it to you. 

  This will usually take 7-10 days.

  Due to significant cost of fine art printing, I print only on demand which means I instigate the printing process once the purchase has been made.

   I do not store my printed artworks ready to be shipped. This means the above print ordering steps will always follow the pattern described above. 

  If you are curious about fine art printing and would like to know more about the process you can visit the page of my trusted printer