How long do I have to wait to receive my print after ordering? 

Total turnaround times are made up of production time and delivery.

It usually takes 5-10 business days to print and ship your order but if this is the first copy from edition it adds another 5-10 days to proof your print. 

 Delivery takes 2 working days in UK and 5-7 for EU, USA and Japan. 

Please see more information on delivery here


Is delivery tracked?

Yes, both domestic and international deliveries are fully tracked and required signature. 

If you have downloaded a tracking app you can trace it from there. Regardless of that, I will always email you your tracking number with dispatch notification. 

Customs Charges

All applicable customs fees are paid by the customer upon delivery.


What if it looks different from what I see on the picture?

I take every care to ensure the print you receive reflects as closely as possible what you see on the screen. For this reason, I always sample it before sending out your copy. 

Please be sure to check the artwork in full resolution and its true colour representation on AnnaAndertonArt.com.

This is my separate artist's website which will present you with sharp vibrant and detailed display. 

With each picture description, I always include a link to view it on this site. 

You can browse the entire gallery here 

I strongly recommend viewing it on desktop rather then your phone to fully appreciate the fine detail. 

Please kindly bear in mind that there may be slight differences in colour display across different devices and your monitor may cast a slight tinge on your screen. 

For that reason I recommend viewing your chosen picture across multiple devices,  or even  on your friend's monitor if this  is possible  to avoid your perception being biased by any colour distortion.  

Upon receiving,  please view your artwork in in bright daylight to form an accurate impression of its colours, saturation and tonal range. Please be aware, that artificial light and low light levels can distort your perception.  

I offer a 30 days return policy but obviously it is always better to to take precautions and make sure you can envisage as best as possible how your artwork will look when you eventually hold it in your hands which should a joyous moment. 

Is there a discount for multiple purchases? 

Yes, absolutely. If you are thinking of acquiring a collection of artworks, there are several tiers of discounts:

2 prints order qualifies for 10% discount off each. print

3 prints order,15% discount off each. print

4 prints , 20% discount off each. print

5 prints, 25 % of each print

6 prints or more- 30% off each print

Please kindly note, it is not be possible to combine the discounts during promotion period.. 

I have just ordered and now thinking of buying some more pictures, will that qualify me  for multiple discount or loyalty discount? 

Good news is, that if you ordered your print(s) for up to 30 days from the date of your  intended new purchase, you can still qualify for multiple purchase discount. 

There is no checkout automatisation for this scenario so please contact me on  annaanderton@annaandertonart.co.uk and  I will issue a personal discount voucher for you. 

I have bough from you before, will I have a discount with my next purchase? 

Absolutely! Together with my warmest thanks, there is also a 10% loyalty discount for my returning customers. If it is you, please contact me for your personal voucher code. 

Is there a discount for referrals?

Yes! I will be delighted to offer a 10% off for both you and your friend. 

How do I  care for my artwork? 

Please note, your print is easily bent or creased and prone to atmospheric pollution and UV light

  • Framing and display: 
      • Giclee prints have a light fastness in excess of 100 years in normal lighting conditions but  after having it  framed,  never hang a print in direct sunlight or opposite a large bright window. as UV rays can eventually affect the colours over time.
      • Make sure you take your print to highly professional framer. When framing, use only archival (acid-free) supplies. Wood frames treated with chemicals or paints can emit harmful gases that can attack the ink and paper.I have found a very useful framing advice here
      • Avoid humid environment and exposure to outgassing from paints (e.g. while decorating) or concentrated cigarette smoke .
      • Kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories carry the risk of exposing your artwork to harmful conditions however if your intention is to decorate these areas, please contact me prior to your order and I will apply additional protective layer to increase durability. 
      • After you have received your print:
  • Take care while removing from the tube and handling, a crease in the print is permanent so please handle with extreme care. Your print will be rolled against the inside wall of the tube with a protective tissue in the middle. After removing the tape, start by uncapping the top of the tube and make sure no remains of the sealing tape are in the way as these can adhere to the surface of the print.
  • Handle the print only by the edges, preferably with clean white cotton gloves.
  • Keep your print away from moisture or condensation.
  • The cardboard tube your print is packaged in is not suitable for long-time storage as it is not acid free and archival. 
  • Please keep your new print covered until it is framed to avoid damage. Be careful of water, hard objects & adhesives as these can damage and scratch the surface of your print. Try not to use your hands to wipe off any dust as this can also scratch the surface. Do not expose your print to outgassing of any chemicals that can attack the print and paper. 


Is glass protection necessary?

It is recommended. It certainly adds another layer of security to protecting your print and many will argue (for a good reason) that Giclée prints on paper need to be framed behind glass. 

Different types of glass are available to protect from UV, and to reduce reflections. 

I appreciate, for some, it may somehow diminish enjoying the beautiful rich textured surface of the print.  The partial solution here may be using special UV spray such as this one  and taking extra precautions avoid any direct sunlight exposure. 

  If, considering all the pros and cons, you are sure you don't want to use glass I can protect it applying the spray for you but please contact me prior to your order. 


Canvas giclee print I offer  will arrive coated with an archival UV blocking liquid laminate therefore no glass is needed. Apart from that please take all the precautions as you would with giclee paper prints. 

Don't see your question here? Feel free to contact me on annaanderton@annaandertonart.co.uk